Pat's Building Maintenance- FAQ's

Do you charge an environmental fee?

-We do not.

What tools or methods do you use to clean carpets?

-Portable hot water extraction with a high quality neutralizer, the reason for that is our machines have moving brushed that agitate the carpet fibers and provide a cleaner finish. The neutralizer ensures all soap and residue are removed when the job is complete, leaving you with cleaner carpets.

What payment types do you take?

-Cash or Check.

How do you bill?

-We issue an invoice at the end of the job.

How long have you been in business?

-19 years

How far do you travel for jobs?

-We service up to a 50 Mile radius from Woodbury.

How long does the carpet take to dry?

-With proper ventilation, in most cases within 24 hours.

Do you move furniture?

-With the exception of large antiques, or oversized items (ex. Grand piano), we use sliders to move furniture out of the way to clean the entire surface area.

Are you insured?

-We are fully insured.

Do you vacuum before you extract?

-Yes, we use a commercial grade upright vacuums for all main traffic areas, and we also use a commercial grade edging vacuum for all the hard to reach areas.

What is a typical procedure for the carpets that you clean?

-We vacuum, and edge vacuum everything first, then we pre-treat all the spots or trouble areas, we then pre-spray all the carpets with special carpet shampoo, and then start the main extraction. if needed we also have a special nylon carpet brush for heavy traffic areas, this brush and technique helps to bring those areas back to life.


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